Quality vs. Quantity

This is quite true, but when we talk about the basic senses… both quality and quantity count.

Arbutus unedo

Now, in the absence of one or more basic senses we can develop the others, as important or more than the basic ones, that are missing. Then we can affirm that quality it’s more important than quantity…but… May we could say that we all deserve quality and quantity, and not less than this, in all sides of life.

Go for it ♡

Quercus robur

So have to desire always quality and quantity in every situation and do not settle for less.

What you desire deep is what you will recieve… universal law 😉 do not be fooled …trust it.

Always trusting in Mother Nature and I am sure of Her of it, universal law 😉

~Mother Nature Forever Vibes~

♻️ Live and Let Live 💜

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